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I have a philosophy in life:

“Embrace your toddler mindset.”

  • Have a Plan.
  • Eat Dessert First.
  • Stay Out of Ruts.

Listen to the captivating stories that have shaped the way that I live life every day, and learn what you can do differently to take control of your circumstances and be the best version of you that you can be.



Having Michelle as a one-on-one coach is very special. She has a positive, supportive, and happy spirit that is infectious. I always feel better about myself after speaking with Michelle. I feel she believes in me more than I believe in me. And when things are doubtful in my mind, Michelle sets me straight. She is a wonderful person to have in your corner, be it coach, mentor, or friend.

Norm F.

Coach to Success

Michelle has been a great coach and friend. She helped me to successfully navigate the pitfalls of a challenging corporate environment and motivate me to complete my bachelors degree. Soon I will have my MBA and proceed to a doctoral program. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with her on my life goals. I highly recommend her services.


IT Professional

About Me

Michelle Mras is an internationally recognized inspirational speaker, published author, intuitive leader, wife, and mother who has been stirring audiences and individuals to action through her compelling message of self discovery and living a life of intention. Michelle’s infectious presentations inspire her clients to rise above any negative self-talk and reclaim their inner strength. She is committed to helping others realize a more balanced life that frees them to build healthy beliefs in themselves.

Choosing to live her life with intention is the defining element shaping every endeavor Michelle undertakes.  Her fiery spirit and passion, drives her to candidly share the key moments that transformed her into the irresistible force she is today.


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Michelle Mras

Magnifying Resilient Attitudes for Success


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