What Is The Toddler Mindset?

Today, our topic is embracing your toddler mindset and, I realize that I talk about that and I’ve never actually explained what I mean.

Embrace your toddler mindset. I belong to a group and my mentor’s name is Doctor Paul Sheeley, with Sheeley Learning and he talks about embracing your toddler mindset.

You know when there’s small babies around and they are so cute? I can’t wait for them to talk! They go “goo-goo” and it’s so cute! Say ‘mommy’, say ‘daddy’, right? Then they start moving around and you encourage them to crawl. As they are crawling, you are holding their little finger and trying to help them walk. Right? Oh, it’s so exciting.

When they are learning about the world, they put everything in their mouth. They touch it, they grab it, they pull it down. When we are exploring the world, as children, as very young children, we’re encourage to talk, we’re encourage to move and try and fall and get back up again. We are encouraged to touch things, try things, and experiment. Around age 5 or 6, we go into the real world and we are told to shut up, sit down, be quiet, don’t touch. You notice that?

As we get older, we learn to fear strangers and avoid places that we don’t know. When we were kids, we didn’t. We would go into those unknown places because we were experimenting, we were trying, we were checking. You see where I’m going here?

When we become full adults and we go out into the world, we get a job and it says, “You need to market. You need to network yourself. You need to call potential clients.” We gasp! I don’t want to do that! They’re strangers! We get stranger danger, right? Well maybe, they won’t like me? Well, well, I can’t try that because I can’t, I don’t want to try that because I’ve never done that before.

Well, where did you learn everything else? You learned everything else from trying it!

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Reconnecting With Your Toddler Mindset

When we were a toddler, we tried everything. People encouraged us to talk; people encourage us to try, to walk, to move. Where did we lose it?

When I say, embrace your toddler mindset, that’s what I’m talking about! Embrace that toddler in you that says, “I’m going to get that cookie on the top of the shelf! If I’m going to fall off that shelf, I’m going to get it!”

Well, as adults, we have a cookie on the top of the shelf. We have a goal, we have a dream. Our fears have been allowed to compound on us, throughout the years, we don’t get the cookie.

Embrace your toddler mindset.

When there is a cookie on the shelf, there is a dream for you on that shelf. I can assure you, if you were a toddler, you’d find a way to get that cookie and you wouldn’t take no for an answer. You would get it! If you want the cookie, if you want the goal, don’t let anything hold you back. If you need more education, learn it! If you need to change your attitude, adjust it! Everything you possibly need, for whatever dream you’re after, you already have all the potential in you! It’s all in you! Embrace the toddler in you! Be who you want to be! Don’t let any of those scary things that happened to you when you were younger hold you back. I wrote a book about it- It’s Not Luck: Overcoming You (2018). Through that book, I help you figure out the little stories in your head where you learn that block; I walk you through getting through those blocks. You can achieve whatever you want! It’s already in you! I’ll hold your hand!

Embrace the toddler in you. You don’t have to be polite about your dreams. Go get it!

Three Elements Of Your Toddler Mindset

Remember, three things about the toddler mindset:

Number 1: Embrace the toddler mindset. Embrace it! Do not say no to your dreams. If you want the cookie, go get the cookie.

Number 2: As a toddler, find another way. If the first way doesn’t work, if climbing up the, if climbing up the shelves doesn’t work, you pull a chair over, right? Pull out the drawers and you step on things or you put the pots together and you step up on the pots. Find another way, if the first way doesn’t work.

Number 3: Lastly, as a toddler would, when someone says, you can’t, yes you can! Be the toddler, be happy, be the best version of you!

I’d love to hear about your toddler experiences, and please, for the sake of all happiness and goodness, GO GET THE COOKIE!

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