Time For Reflection

I’m back! Yes, I am, I’m back! I’m back from travelling around in the Philippines, and island hopping. I’ve been running around like a crazy wonderful happy person, and now I’m back to real life and the topic today is time for reflection because that is what I did while I was gone.

Now, a lot of people think well, if you’re in a business you have to chug, chug, chug, you have to do, do, do; you have to keep plugging away because the harder you work, the more you do, the better you do. What I found out, being completely unattached to my computer, my phone, to society, in the Philippines, I didn’t have a lot of signal so I really couldn’t get online very often. I had to detach from all technology, and I had to force myself to “not do”.

Time To “Not Do”

Now how often do you take time to “not do”? Enjoying the moment and just enjoying the things around me; watching the wind blow across the sand and sun hitting my face and just kind of enjoying the moment, help me more than anything I’ve been doing in order to move myself up into the world.

“Not do” is the most powerful thing you could do. You see, sitting on those beaches and laying out and just hanging out with my sister, I realized that I had not been focusing on my business the right way. Albert Einstein has a quote and, it says: “Try not to be a man of success but rather try to become a man of influence or value.” So, don’t try to be a woman of success, be a woman of value. And that is what I was pondering as I was laying on those beaches. What value have I been giving out?

Being A Woman Of Value

I do “Wednesday Wisdoms” every Wednesday on Facebook Live, and then, I put it on Instagram, my Twitter page, and my LinkedIn. I do a “Conversations with Michelle” radio show on 93.9 KCMJ, every Friday at noon. I never advertise who I am or what I do. Here I am trying to be successful and giving value, but I wasn’t giving value in order to help you or other people find me or know what I do at all. I basically help people from their “I can’t” to their “I can” very quickly. I coach people on how to speak and present themselves better, if they just want to be better at doing their sales pitch, or if they are in business for themselves and they have to go to networking meetings. It’s all about trying to give value but am I giving value the way you want value? And, that’s what I was thinking about on the beach.

You know, here I am doing what I want to do, I’m the next Oprah. I’m the blasian Oprah. I’m coming. Well, what kind of value can I give back to people? And, it got me thinking. I say “hi” to everyone. I know I remember everyone I talk to, but I never do anything consistently to keep track of all of you.

I don’t send thank you cards, I just do, “Hey, thanks!” and I realized, this is a relationship. We have a relationship for those of you who watch me on Facebook Live, or listen to me on KCMJ 93.9. For those who read my books, or go into my seminars, there’s more to it. It’s almost like dating. You can’t just go up to someone and say, “Hi, will you marry me?”, and that’s basically what a lot of people do when they’re networking. You do, “Hi, here’s my card. Call me!” It’s like, ew! Creepy! No! I do worse, I just do “Hi!” and then I walk away. So, I’m taking some down time next week, I go to LA.

I’m going to LA next week and I realized, again, what am I doing to give back to all of you? Am I checking in on you? Do I let you know that I am thinking about you? I really do, honestly, care about all of you. In the next few months, after I come back from LA, I am rounding down what I’m doing. I’ll be sending out cards more often, I’ll be touching bases, and sending emails that actually invite you. Believe it or not, I actually have a blog and a newsletter that I never invite anyone to. It’s like, hmmm, maybe they will just figure out that I have one. I’ll be sending out emails, I am going to be sending out gifts because when I received a mug with brownies, I was ecstatic and I thought, I need to do this for other people! So that’s what this is, time for reflection, time to reassess what you already do.

You all know I love to talk, I love to give out, and I love to provide value to those who are in my sphere, but in order to best serve you, I need to pull back, reflect on what I do right and improve on things that I don’t do so well. Opportunities for improvement always exist, in your life, in your business, whatever you do, I want you to take some time in the day, maybe an hour or two, pull back, and take account of the things you do well and then the things that you have opportunities to improve and how can you improve on them? How can you make you better? How can you make you better so you can help others more and bring more value?

Helping You Become A Person Of Value

Remember that quote that I told you by Albert Einstein? Don’t try to be a man or woman of success. Rather, be a man or a woman who brings value to those around them. That’s what I learned while laying on a beach, just absorbing the sun. I’m coming back strong people. I’m coming back bigger, better, stronger, and bringing more value; and letting you all know that I truly do care that you are following me and please subscribe to my YouTube page because whoo-ho baby, it’s coming! I do have a blog and a newsletter, if you’d like to be on it.

There’s something else, have you ever wanted to increase your ability to speak and grab the attention of people from the stage? I’m doing a speaker boot camp on June 1st and 2nd. It’s an event, go to my Facebook business page, Michelle Mras- Mras Inc. There’s an event going on, and there is only room for about 45 people, and I think we have a good 20 people showing already.

Now, I’d love to see you there; and we have two zoom calls that are going to happen in the months before it and to prep you for your talk, you can get a signature talk down, get your thoughts nice and precise and then, during the weekend of June 1st and 2nd, my friend Gary Barnes and I will walk you through, and coach you through crafting your message. You can take it to a Ted stage, you can take it on the road, like we did, and be the best version of you!

Remember today’s assignment, take some time to reflect on yourself; reflect on your business, on your life, and on your family, and how can you improve you and the service that you do for those around you? So, until next time, have a fabulous day and TTFN.

Be the best version of you.

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