“Occasionally we encounter individuals that have that ‘little bit of magic’… Michelle Mras is one of those people.”

“Occasionally we encounter individuals that have that ‘little bit of magic.’ They make others around them feel inspired and leave positive energy in their wake. Michelle Mras is one of those people. She brings great energy, enthusiasm and dedication to anything she does. I watched her giving a Keynote speech at the District 26 Toastmasters Leadership Institute in June 2017 and thought that I would like to get to know this remarkable woman & speaker. A few months later, we met and I invited her to be a Special Guest at the Toastmasters Networking Event series. Her speech was not only encouraging and interactive, but also she shared tools with the audience to empower them to speak courageously and with spirit. Now, knowing Michelle, I can confidently say that she is a great person, an inspiration and a delight to work with!”

-M. Ferrington, MBA

Director of Marketing & Business Development at Rocky Mountain Law Firm

I admired her energy, positive attitude, exceptional speaking skills, personality, and character from the beginning.

Michelle was a speaker for TEDxColoradoSprings 2015. I was the event planner and was engaged with Michelle from the time of applications through the actual event. I admired her energy, positive attitude, exceptional speaking skills, personality, and character from the beginning. TEDx has many expectations that take a considerable amount of time, effort and energy, and Michelle was dedicated 100% not only to the “rule book,” but also to the entire team. She brought a great deal of professionalism, support, kindness, and laughter to TEDxColoradoSprings and our lives. I recommend her as a speaker and coach.

Christina Elmore Strategic Manager | Bids & Contracts Specialist

“Michelle Mras is an outstanding, engaging and often musical speaker; sharing insights and stories with humor and ease. She was a fabulous addition to TEDx Colorado Springs, closing out a full day of the Future of the Future presentation with poise, patience and panache!”

– Karen Teel BSW, CPSII, ACEInterface Trainer |  Owner, Presenter and Curator of CORE Strategies for Life | TEDx Colorado Springs 2015 Speaker Manager

“I don’t know how she does it, but Michelle has an amazing ability to command a room the moment she enters it.”

“I don’t know how she does it, but Michelle has an amazing ability to command a room the moment she enters it–and if you let her take the stage, forget it. She can brilliantly consume and hold an audience’s focus, releasing it only when she’s ready. As she speaks she offers wise insights to improve our lives, all the while taking us on a vivid roller coaster of emotions both highs and lows, allowing us to experience life a little more vividly. This is what she was able to do on the TEDx stage, even though she was still dealing with a Traumatic Brain Injury from a car accident a few months earlier. I love her ability to connect with an entire audience using story, logic and a bit of dramatic flair, to teach us all a life lesson or two along the way.”

-Chris M. Instructional Designer at AOCE, Inc


I serve on the steering committee for Leadership Pikes Pike Encore program. I asked Michelle to come and speak to the group about Diversity and Inclusion. Michelle was able to share some of her own story which helped to connect the audience with her message. Michelle was flexible enough to work with changes in the program and started her presentation with a fun song to pull everything together.

-Vikki Walton Motivational Speaker, Consultant, Trainer, Non-Profit Specialist

“I am Michelle’s accountability partner with the John C Maxwell Team. As a public speaker Michelle is very enthusiastic and has a big personality. She can hold an audience’s interest for lengthy presentations or she can connect quickly and deliver a shorter message with just as much impact. I find her speaking style to be thought provoking and inspirational while, at the same time, she is able to use her humor to make her message memorable.”

– Kimberly Curtis Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker for the John Maxwell Team

“Abracadabra! Never doubt that this lovely woman performs magic.”

Somehow she can fill her listeners’ minds and imagination with the right words that will motivate action, evoke good feelings, persuade, or whatever the occasion calls for.

– Leslie Stuebing Storyteller with Spellbinders / District 26 Toastmasters

Additional Reviews

I’m not quite sure how she does it, but Michelle Mras has a peculiar ability: she is actually two people. She is either the best speaker you’ve ever heard, or she’s the best speaker you’ve never heard. Michelle has an irresistible presence and she commands your attention and interest like a tractor beam. Few people can elicit the sense of togetherness and empowerment that she does. Michelle is an exemplar of all things the world could and should be!

David D. | Land Negotiator

I'm proud to have worked with a woman like Michelle, she was a guest speaker at Fuzia. She went Live from our Facebook and Instagram page and our audience loved both the sessions! Michelle can change the way you perceive life, her words are nothing short of magic. She has a warm, positive and uplifting attitude, working with her has been a transformative journey for me. She is full of confidence and insights, she is a wonderful person and a powerful speaker!

Sakshi Shrivastava | Content Writer & Strategist – Digital Media Marketing – Public Relations

She is authentic and very enthusiastic as a person-whether doing business or simply engaging in friendship/relationship building. When you first meet her there is an inexplicable desire to want to know more about her and befriend her...in 2 words, she's a WONDER WOMAN!!!

MiMi de Vigil

What a dynamic lady! Friendly, interesting, but knows her stuff!

A. Bierschbach

Michelle is one of the most optmistic people that I have met. She is good at articulating issues in a kind and profound manner. I highly recommend her.

G. Mfitundunda

Michelle is the most articulate speaker I know she is caring and will always step up when there’s a need. She also tells the funniest stories!!!

S. Anderson

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