Leadership Lessons from Michelle Mras - Eat, Drink, and Be Mary!

by Chris Hache | 8 December, 2015 | News and Updates | 0 comments

Michelle is an Inspirational Speaker, International Coach, and Corporate Trainer with the John Maxwell Leadership Team. She brings her vivacity, personal anecdotes and passion to energize and evoke positive change around her.” For me, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Michelle since my arrival in Colorado Springs. I always knew there was something special about her, and after watching her TEDx Talk in Colorado Springs earlier this fall, I can see that she has a true gift for leadership and storytelling. Many people can give three actionable ideas to become a better person; few have the gift to do so in such a compelling fashion. To quickly summarize, the points are:

Have a plan (“if you don’t have a plan, you are just wandering”) Eat dessert first (“all the wonderful things in life”)

Avoid ruts (“the difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions that you build it”)
My favorites quote that speaks to her unique perspective:

“The glass in not half-full; it’s refillable.”

Over the course of 19+ minutes you will be brought upon a life-long journey and be standing right next to Michelle during happy times and heart-wrenching moments as she shares life and leadership lessons from her amazing mother-in-law Mary (hence the name of the talk and this title). Michelle (and TEDx Colorado Springs) - thank you for sharing this story. If Michelle’s story resonates with you, then please leave a comment on the YouTube Page - more comments increases Michelle’s possibility of getting selected for national-level TED Talks.

For VOCL listeners / readers - have you been fortunate enough to have a Mary in your life? If so, please let me know!

For more information on Michelle, please go to her website.


Tolu Oyewumi - January 4, 2017

  • My first post this year


  • I want to take a minute to recognize (more like appreciate) Michelle Mras. I have known her mostly virtually than physically. She is a Joy bringer, giver and spreader. Just look at her signature smile. My greatest admiration of her is that she is herself at all times. Just her; no GMO, BPA, rBST, addictives, added hormones or any of those long ethylated words you can't pronounce. Just her! Organic, free-range, home grown, family-owned, wild-alive self!!


  • That self; from the stage to the floor to the kitchen to the phone and in-person is stupendo(Latin for breathtaking) and confidens (Latin for confident). I have asked her few questions (online and offline) and her responses are audacious, full of sound wisdom and hilariously true. When I feel weird about some of my ideals in this century, she tells me it's okay so we can be weird together. LOL! She applauds me in my stength and blows courage at me when I "feel" weak. If you are just in her shadows, you'll get splashed with positivity. What a gift!!


  • By the way, we are completely different. While she's an outstanding extrovert and I am an instanding introvert with occasional outburst of circumstantial extrovertness (in simple English, means I am oddly unique), she's my kind of woman. I enjoy her. Always seeking to elevate, encourage and orientate. She's like sunshine in your bowl of quinoa salad and rainbow in your mean green juice!


  • I came to her some time ago seeking some answers to pertient questions and she literally steered me to higher grounds I wouldn't have taken on my own. She makes what others see as a disadvantage to be a "bouncy castle" where she leaps for joy as she indulges in the best treat. I feel she has a #tongueout mode to all of life! Ha! Just courageously braving everyday. This ode won't be complete with appreciating lovely Stacy Menditto who connected me to this cute ball of atypical ebullience.


  • Hats off to the fighter in you Michelle Mras and ALL glory to the ONE who does great things past finding out (Job 9:10).
  • With mountainous love,
  • Tolu


A Must-Read Book For Leading an Impactful Life (Regardless Of Circumstances)

By C Hache - June 24, 2016

I've had the pleasure of knowing Michelle since my arrival in Colorado Springs. I always knew there was something special about her, and after watching her TED Talk, I could see that she has a true gift for leadership and storytelling. Many people can give three actionable ideas to become a better person; few have the gift to do so in a such a compelling fashion.

This book does a fantastic job of building upon Mary's Ted Talk. You will be brought upon a life-long journey and be standing right next to Michelle during happy times and heart-wrenching moments as she shares life lessons from her amazing mother-in-law. If you haven't already, you should also watch the related TED Talk

For those of you who have a relative or friend who has cancer, especially those who have recently diagnosed, Tony's story is for you. It will provide insight on how this disease affects not only the individual, but how it impacts the lives of those around them.

Finally, for those who have received an unfortunate diagnosis (cancer or otherwise), the book serves as a reminder that you still have an opportunity to impact the world; you have the opportunity to be like Mary.


A wonderful story of a life

By Monte Snyder - June 26, 2016

A wonderful story of a life, well lived, with a Legacy being lived, through others. Chock full of determination, perseverance,and life experiences everyone can learn from. Mary's "Words of Wisdom" are some of my favorites, and I discovered some new ones, I will use in the future. Great read!


An inspiring, poignant and humorous glimpse into the life ...

By Robin Orr - June 26, 2016

An inspiring, poignant and humorous glimpse into the life and philosophy of Mary. Michelle's message is simple and straightforward, each story full of lessons of positivity that everyone can learn from. Thanks to Michelle and Tony, Mary's words of wisdom will continue to live on and touch lives.


Mary's influence is far reaching. Must read

By D. Shepard, Harmonized Brain Centers - June 20, 2016

Michelle is a delight and you can see the influence Mary has had on her life. The life lessons are timeless told through this personal story. I highly recommend this read.


Chris Hache


Monte Snyder


Posted June 01, 2016

Keynote Speaker:

I’m not quite sure how she does it, but Michelle Mras has a peculiar ability: she is actually two people.
She is either the best speaker you’ve ever heard, or she’s the best speaker you’ve never heard.
She has an irresistible presence and she commands your attention and interest like a tractor beam.
Few people can elicit the sense of togetherness and empowerment that she does. Michelle is an exemplar of all things the world could and should be!
 - David Dixon


Speaker Coach:

Michelle's feedback was specific and effective. She helped me prepare for my first presentation outside of Toastmasters and it was such a success that the event host booked me for a follow-up session.

She combines her deep presentation knowledge, with genuine care for her clients. This combination leads to incredible value. Through her coaching, I have greatly improved both my speaking and my self-worth. – J. Koontz


Success Coach:

When Michelle talked about shifting my thinking it completely changed how I look at my life. Completely. That is what a coach is supposed to do. Michelle did it brilliantly. – R. Marx


Keynote Speaker:

Michelle is a dynamic speaker with a diverse background.  She is a seasoned professional that can take her many experiences and make them relatable to any audience.  She is fun, entertaining, informative, presence and it is a pleasure to work with her.
- L. Crockett
President, Encredible Toastmasters, Encana Corporation


Posted March 30, 2016

Karen Teel, BSW, CPSII, ACEInterface Trainer
Owner, Presenter and Curator of CORE Strategies for Life

Michelle Mras is an outstanding, engaging and often musical speaker; sharing insights and stories with humor and ease. She was a fabulous addition to TEDx Colorado Springs, closing out a full day of the Future of the Future presentation with poise, patience and panache!
Karen Teel, TEDx Colorado Springs 2015 Speaker Manager


Vikki Walton
Motivational Speaker, Consultant, Trainer, Nonprofit Specialist

I serve on the steering committee for Leadership Pikes Pike Encore program. I asked Michelle to come and speak to the group about Diversity and Inclusion. Michelle was able to share some of her own story which helped to connect the audience with her message. Michelle was flexible enough to work with changes in the program and started her presentation with a fun song to pull everything together.


Leslie Steubing
Storyteller with Spellbinders / District 26 Toastmasters

Abracadabra! Never doubt that this lovely woman performs magic.
Somehow she can fill her listeners' minds and imagination with the right words that will motivate action, evoke good feelings, persuade, or whatever the occasion calls for.


Kimberley Curtis
Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker for the John Maxwell Team

I am Michelle's accountability partner with the John C Maxwell Team. As a public speaker Michelle is very enthusiastic and has a big personality. She can hold an audience's interest for lengthy presentations or she can connect quickly and deliver a shorter message with just as much impact. I find her speaking style to be thought provoking and inspirational while, at the same time, she is able to use her humor to make her message memorable.


Christina Elmore
Strategic Manager | Bids & Contracts Specialist

Michelle was a speaker for TEDxColoradoSprings 2015. I was the event planner and was engaged with Michelle from the time of applications through the actual event. I admired her energy, positive attitude, exceptional speaking skills, personality, and character from the beginning. TEDx has many expectations that take a considerable amount of time, effort and energy, and Michelle was dedicated 100% not only to the "rule book," but also to the entire team. She brought a great deal of professionalism, support, kindness, and laughter to TEDxColoradoSprings and our lives. I recommend her as a speaker and coach.